After LTTA1


On March 21st the students who took part in the LTTA1 shared their views of their stay in Macedonia with other students of the classes involved in Erasmus+ project. They pepared a photo presentation and talked with delight about everything they experienced. The lucky ones presented the activities they took part in at the school, the results of LTTA1 in the form of PowToon presentations about partner countries’ customs and traditions, made in multicultural groups. They also talked about their impressions, wonderful alpine views, and what is more, increadible hospitality of Macedonian families. They announced the transfer of knowledge after LTTA1, which is going to be held in April. Moreover, they described the others the preparatory training (cultural, linguistic, pedagogical and ICT), they participaded in before going to Macedonia, to encourage other students to get involved in the project activities which, in the students’ opinions, were very beneficial.


All expressed their hope that LTTA2 organised by our school will be as successful as the one held in Macedonia. To the best hosts in the world – thank you very much!!!