eTwinning courses

Our project team held a meeting in November 14 to discuss one-week eTwinning online courses and the way to encourage other teachers to take part in them.

The courses taken by our teachers:

  • November 13th –27th; first eTwinning course taken by the school coordinator, Edyta Słonka,

Description of the course: “this learning event guides teachers in the effective and pedagogic use of eTwinning and also acts as an instrument to help introduce pupils and students to the concept of digital citizenship. The main aims of the event are:

– Learn about eTwinning platform for online work in Polish or other European languages;

– Encourage the planning and implementation of projects;

– Describe and explain how projects are established;

– Help teachers find partners;

– Share best practice and ideas;

– Learn how to use ICT to communicate effectively with eTwinners.”

  • January 15th -21st; participation in one-week online courses on eTwinning on how to use Google tools by foreign language teachers, Edyta Słonka and Joanna Glas
  • January 15th -21st; the next course on what you know about eTwinning, taken by an English teacher Marta Krzak
  • January 29th – February 4th; participation in one-week course on TwinSpace by Edyta Słonka
  • February 19th – 26th;  a one-week eTwinning course on Emaze, Picturetrail and PowToon, course aims and objectives: familiarizing with some web applications which allow to create interesting, dynamic, multimedia presentations and videos, developing ways of searching for material on the Internet without infringement of copyright, creating, posting and sharing presentations on Emaze, Picturetrail and PowToon, acquiring a habit of copyright observance, enhancing self-development, using Moodle platform efficiently. The course was taken by Edyta Słonka.

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