Logo competition

Four partner countries presented proposals for the logo of the project. Being at the first meeting in Trivento, the partners decided that the logo of the project should be in the form of a full logo containing a sign and a logotype.


In our school, five students took part in the project logo competition, the teachers that belong to the project team voted for the logo presented by Karolina Siwiec, a student of the 2 class of junior high school. Karolina put a lot of work into the project’s logo. Her proposal of an outline of a human head with the WI-Fi sign made of the flag of our parners perfectly reflects the design of our project, refers to its theme and main goals: tolerance towards diversity and computer as a tool for international communication. The project name, Erasmus+, as well as the project website address, www.mysmartschool.pl, was added to the Polish proposition of the logo.


During the meeting on Skype, organized on February 16, 2018. The school coordinators of all partner countries chose the logo designed by pupils from Macedonia to be the official logo of the project. We congratulate all those who took part in the competition.