Practise your English

We want our children to improve their motivation lo learn foreign languages and their command of English, that is why we started extra-curriculum English conversation classes.

They were held on:

  • December 27th, topic – integrative games;
  • January 3rd, topic – our habits;
  • January 10th, topic – our school and the area we live in;
  • January 17th, topic – presentation on our country
  • February 21s, topic – 10 most important facts about Macedonia;
  • March 3rd, topic – let’s talk about our presentations prepared for LTTA1.

What is more, we employed native speaker, Australian Mr Russell Preston, to conduct English oral practice course for our students participating in LTTA1 in Macedonia. The meetings were held on:

  • February 3rd, topic – What do you know about Australia? – comparison between our traditions and other countries’ traditions;
  • February 17th, topic – What differentiates us among other nations?- presentation of our Education System, our country, school and local environment.