Skype Meeting Before LTTA2



A Skype meeting of the My Smart School Erasmus+ Project Team was held on-line on the 11th April, 2018. It began at 14:00 Central European time and was led by the coordinator for the Polish partner school Szkola Podstawowa in Slemien, Edyta Slonka with Joanna Glas, the teacher of English.




Verica Nikoloska (Assistant coordinator of the Macedonian partner)

Ilcho Vitanovski (Team leader for the Macedonian partner)

Michelina Di Rienzo (Coordinator of the project),

Mario Carlucci (Team leader for the Italian partner)

Paulo Capela Marques (Team leader for the Portuguese partner)




Gülistan Aykal Acar (Coordinator of the Turkish partner)



Approval of Agenda

The minutes’ agenda was sent by Edyta Slonka on the 4th of April, 2018, by e-mail and WhatsApp and was agreed upon by all the attendees.




1. Lists of participants and teachers attending the LTTA2 in Poland

2. Hotel accommodation and necessary documentation

3. Time and place of arrival and departure of partners

4. Transport from/to airport

5. Agenda for the LTTA2

6. Maths lessons

7. Estimated Budget

8. Europass documents



Re 1.

Concerning the first point on the agenda, all the partners in the project “My Smart School” except the Portuguese partner have sent the application forms of the students that will participate in the LTTA2 in Poland as well as have given the names of the teachers that will assist the students. That is why, the Portuguese partner was asked to do so promptly due to the necessity to complete the organisational activities before the LTTA2. The team leader of the Portuguese partner, Paulo Capela Marques, was given the permission to delegate six students to participate in the LTTA2 in Poland by the coordinator of the project Michelina Di Rienzo. It was agreed the following week to be the deadline for the necessary documents.

Re 2.

Regarding the second issue on the agenda, the partners were informed that separate rooms in the hotel were booked for the teachers, two for each country delegation. They were also reminded that the price for the accommodation is about 40 Euro per night including breakfast and dinner.

Re 3.

With reference to arrival and departure times and dates, the partners haven’t completed the LTTA2 travel procedures in their countries yet and weren’t able to present any information on that. They were asked to do it in a short notice for prompt regulations of the airport transfers and the agenda of the LTTA2. The partners were asked to submit the necessary information concerning the time and place of arrival and departure on the online teachers’ form (Logistic) uploaded on Google Drive or by e-mail.

Re 4.

Regarding the transport from and to the airport, all the partners expressed the need for organized transportation and it was agreed that the host should make the necessary preparations.

The price for the round-trip airport transfer by minibus is:

125 Euro – Krakow

175 Euro – Katowice

Re 5/6.

The next point to discuss was the agenda for the LTTA2.

The partners were informed that a new version of the meeting agenda has been sent with the official invitation to three countries. After getting to know the names of participants from Portugal, it will also be sent to the Portuguese partner.

The partners were acquainted with the following issues:

On the first day there will be a welcoming academy during which each country delegation will be asked to present themselves. If anyone intends to display any presentation on that day, they should send it or the link of it to the Polish coordinator before the meeting, which will enable the host to get it ready for the display.

When it comes to mathematics lessons, topics have been sent to the partners. Everyone except Portugal has sent the information on the subject of the lessons being prepared, the Portuguese partner hasn’t decided on the topic of the Maths classes yet. Subjects 8 and 12 were taken by the Italian partner, 4 and 6 by the Macedonian partner, subject 9 by the Turkish. Only the Italian school has sent the plan of the lessons prepared for LTTA2, the rest of the partners declared to do so as soon as they are ready.

There were lots of questions about the tools for the lessons being prepared, it was agreed that any tool, not only the PowToon program, can be used to present the lessons, which seems to be more interesting and beneficial. Nonetheless, the Macedonian partner and the Italian one prepared the Maths lessons in PowToon program as stated in the project application form.

The following week is to be the deadline for the Maths lessons’ plans.

Re 7.

The estimated budget for the LTTA 2 activities was accepted by all the attendees of the meeting.

It was reminded that the Polish currency is zloty PLN (money exchange possible at a Polish bureau de change). The partners were advised not to exchange the money at the airports, which will be very unprofitable. The host school will be responsible for checking the currency rates, choosing the most profitable bureau de change and take the partners there to exchange their money after arrival.

Re 8.

The last point mentioned was the Europass mobility document. Due to the fact that the Polish National Europass Centre rejected the Europass Mobility Document confirming the competences gained at LTTA1 in Macedonia since it was signed incorrectly in 37a heading (it was supposed to be signed by the reference person of the host school, Nebojsha Trpkovski in that case). That is why the Polish coordinator have asked the Macedonian partner to print the documents once again, sign them correctly and bring to the LTTA2. The rest of the partners were advised to do it in the same way.


The assistant coordinator of the Macedonian partner, Verica Nikoloska, expressed her doubts as to whether the Europass template sent by the Polish coordinator should contain the information on Edmodo educational platform that according to the project form will be used at the LTTA2. It was explained that the Edmodo platform will be used as the tool to present the results of students’ work or, alternatively, to conduct the questionnaire evaluating the LTTA2. The participants won’t gain such competences on using Edmodo as on using Geogebra or LearningApps, both mentioned on the Europass template. That is why, the coordinator of the project, Michelina Di Rienzo, accepted the possibility of omitting Edmodo on the Europass documents.

There were three points added to the agenda of the meeting by the attendees:

  1. The date of the LTTA3 in Portugal.

The Portuguese partner suggested that the organisation of the LTTA3 in Portugal will be possible in the second week of November. The date will be confirmed at the LTTA2 in Poland.

  1. Workshops on PowToon after LTTA1

It was agreed that after every LTTA, there will be the workshops for 30 students organised by each local team disseminating the knowledge gained during the LTTA meetings. Each team is to select an experimental group and a control group of students. The experimental group will be taught using the digital lesson, while the control group will be taught the same contents in a traditional manner. The results will then be compared through tests and direct observation by involved staff. The required documentation for justification the workshops the participants’ lists, pictures and materials used (the report comparing the results of both groups of students) will be sent to the Polish partner and uploaded onto the project website.

  1. The questionnaires

It was agreed by all the partners that the questionnaires are too long and need to be reduced for better efficiency and effectiveness. That is why the questionnaires were modified and uploaded on Google Drive so that all partners have easy access to them. Each partner is supposed to present the report of the questionnaires to the coordinator of the project Michelina Di Rienzo. The coordinator will set the deadline for that.


Unfinished matters

The Portuguese partner needs to deliver the students’ and teachers’ forms (Logistic on Google Drive).

All partners need to provide the host school with the arrival and departure date and time information (Logistic on Google Drive or by e-mail).

All partners except the Italian will send the Maths lessons’ plans to the end of the following week.

The Turkish partner will state their food needs.

All the participants will be prepared for the intensive classes with an animator on the first day of the meeting May 7th (comfortable outfit and sports shoes).


Slemien, 11.04.2018


Coordinator of the project

Edyta Slonka