Skype Meeting of the My Smart School Project



Call to Order

A Skype meeting of the My Smart School Erasmus+ Project Team was held on-line on the 16th February, 2018. It began at 14:00 Central European time and was led by the assistant coordinator for the Macedonian partner school SSOU “Mosha Pijade” , Verica Nikoloska with Ilco Vitanovski as a secretary and Nebojsha Trpkovski coordinator of project.



Michelina Di Rienzo (Coordinator of the Italian partner), Mario Carlucci,

Paulo Capela Marques (team leader for the Portuguese partner)

Edyta Slonka (Coordinator of the Polish partner)

Gülistan Aykal Acar (Coordinator of the Turkish partner)


Approval of Agenda

A motion to approve the minutes’ agenda was made by Verica Nikoloska on the 14th of February, 2018 by e-mail and was agreed upon by all the attendees.



  1. Selection of Project Logo
  2. Lists of participants and teachers attending the LTTA1 in Macedonia
  3. Hotel accommodation and necessary documentation
  4. Time and place of arrival and departure of partners
  5. Agenda for the LTTA1
  6. Transport from/to airport
  7. Transport to/from school
  8. Estimated Budget
  9. eTwinning platform

The assistant coordinator of the Macedonian partner school SSOU “Mosha Pijade” Verica Nikoloska initiated the Skype meeting by presenting the agenda. Concerning the first point on the agenda, all the partners in the project My smart school had a previous obligation to presented their logos. The voting principle was used to select the official Logo of the project. The voting ratio resulted with 5:2 in favour of the Macedonian team’s Logo, which will be used as official logo for the My smart school project in further activities.


Regarding the second issue on the agenda, the partners cooperating in this project namely Turkey, Poland, Portugal and the coordinator Italy were asked to present the lists of participants and teachers that will be attending the LTTA1 in Macedonia. All the partner schools have sent the lists and filled forms of students except of the Turkish partner school. The delay was caused due to the last minute change of the coordinator of the project. The newly appointed coordinator of the Turkish partner was assisted by the Macedonian team leader and the coordinator of the project, the Italian partner in terms of necessary documentation and preparation for the following LTTA1. Regarding the same issue, the Portuguese partner announced that one of the teachers cancelled her participation in the LTTA1 and a new teacher will be selected due to Tuesday, 20th February 2018. In both cases it was agreed the following week to be the deadline for the necessary documents.


Concerning the age, 3 of the student’s participants from the Portuguese school exceeded the age limit, but in consultation with their own national agency it turned out not to be a problem. Another question that came to notice concerning the Turkish school was that they were not familiar with the agreement from the TM1 in Italy about the number of students’ participants being agreed upon was 5 per partner school. Therefore, they only selected 3 students as stated in the initial application.


In relation to the third point, the hotel accommodation and the payment method was discussed. It was announced that the coordinator Nebojsha Trpkovski will send the hotel offers and prices for the accommodation to all the partners within the following days.


On the subject of arrival and departure time and date, the partners that have previously submitted the necessary information were formerly asked to confirm the data by e-mail. The partners who still did not provide the necessary information were advised to do it in a short notice for prompt regulation of the hotel accommodation.


The next point to discuss was the agenda for the LTTA1. Due to the fact that Polish partner arrives on the 12th and departs on the 17th of March there was a need for a certain change in the draft agenda.


Regarding the transport from and to the airport, all the partners expressed the need for organized transportation and it was agreed that the host should make the necessary preparations.


On the subject of transport to and from the school, the partners were also informed that the host partner will deal with the organization of the transport for the teachers as well as for the students, but they will cover the expenses individually since they have individual support.


Continuing with the folowing point from the agenda was mentioned the estimated budget for the transport and meals during the event and activities. The adjustments made to the planned activities in the agenda, affected a change in the budged as well, but it was unanimously accepted by all the partners.


The last point mentioned was the eTwinning platform. It was discussed and agreed upon that the responsibility of the coordinator Italy about running the eTwinning platform will be passed on to the Portuguese partner.


Unfinished matters


The Turkish partner needs to deliver the students’ forms, names of the teachers, as well as the arrival and departure date and time information.


The Portuguese partner also needs to provide the host with the name of the second teacher participating in the event, as well as the arrival and departure date and time information.


All the partners will consider the hotel accommodation offers sent by the coordinator Nebojsha Trpkovski and state their needs.


The meeting ended in 15:10.

Tetovo, 16.2.2018

Minutes led by

Ilcho Vitanovski

Coordinator of the project

Nebojsha Trpkovski