STOP – MOTION workshops

Our schoolmates from Erasmus+ project classes have made plasticine variations as a part of the preparation for LTTA4 in Italy within the ERASMUS + „MY SMART SCHOOL” program on 6 – 7 December 2018. We are supposed to present our religious beliefs in an artistic way and with the use of ICT tools during the partner meeting in Italy. So we want to be well prepared.


Stop-motion technique is a traditional technique of creating animated films using a camera. The workshop participants learned how to create a film story, wrote a script together, learned what storyboard is, how to design and build characters and scenography. Working as screenwriters, directors and stage designers, they were faced with the chance to learn about creating a film from the kitchen and tasted the work on a film set.


The classes were hosted by Ms. Anna Jagoda Mrożek, founder of the Film Studio Effata Anima, graphic designer, instructor and animator, passionate director of animated films. As a laureate of the film competition, she participated in FINC – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Baía Formosa in Brazil. As a volunteer, she is associated with the Etiuda & Anima International Film Festival, which is a mandatory point in her calendar every year.


The workshop came to an end thanks to the band iGramy z Pokusą, who shared his song with us, honoured us with his presence during the workshops and helped in the interpretation of the song lyrics. We are very grateful to Mr Marcin Pokusa and the other team members for such a generous gesture.


The originator of animation training was our beloved sister Gizela, who was once asked to give an idea how to present our religious values to our foreign partners in an interesting, vivid and artistic way, she had no doubt that it would be what we were looking for. You were right, sister! Thank you that we can always count on you.



Gallery Day 1

Gallery Day 2

Gallery of plasticine