The Last Travel



There was a talk about Italy in the eyes of tourists on 20th March 2019, a preparatory meeting preceding the student exchange to Italy within a cultural preparation. The students discussed the presentation created by Mrs Monika Feruga, the Geography teacher. It included basic information about Italy, its topography, politics, traditions, habits and culture. The students found out some information about the country, Rome and Trivento.


What is more, there was also  a talk about the ways of dealing with stress and facing a new, unfamiliar situation, another preparatory meeting preceding the student exchange in Italy. The students chosen to participate in LTTA4 presented their concerns, expectations as well as their attitude towards cultural differences. The meeting was held by the school counsellor, Mr Andrzej Mazurek.


We still continue extra-curriculum English conversation classes to practise our language skills. There were two meetings to practise English held on 6th and 13th March with the school coordinator Edyta Słonka.


We were supposed to prepare materials concerning three issues: our religion, tolerance and ICT for artwork. That is why we organised  PLASTICINE VIDEO (STOP-MOTION) OF A RELIGIOUS SONG BY OUR LOCAL BAND iGramy z Pokusą – faboulous workshops loved by our project team, I really recommend it, very creative!!!!!!!!!!! The premiere was on 13 January 2019 at 3.00 pm. iGramy z Pokusą created an event on FB! We established cooperation with our local band and we chose one of their religious songs about Christian beliefs. Then, we interpreted the lyrics and made up a picture story on the basis of the content of the song. After that, the students made plasticine characters and different items. They took thousands of photos and the expert who did the workshops made a video out of this photos. 


 What for?


Just to think over our religious beliefs once again RELIGION, to visualise them in the form of symbols/pictures ATRWORK and most of all with the use of ICT Paint or Pinta, that’s what MSS is all about (subject, CLIL, ICT tool).


In our opinion such preparation has been useful to deal with “United in DIVERSITY” project in Trivento. 


„Italy in the eye of tourist” presentation ->