To Disseminate LTTA3 in Portugal



1. We wrote an article about LTTA3 (uploaded on our school website,pokaz,1114, presented during parent-teacher meeting on 20th Nov as well as edited in a local newspaper published on 29th Nov). We also attached the link to the Italian article about LTTA3 uploaded on FB.



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2. We updated the Erasmus+ corner at school (information board about MSS objectives, LTTA2/3 photo presentations.





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3. We gave an interview to the local radio ESKA BESKIDY about the results of the students’ work in Portugal and our preparation for LTTA4 in Italy on 11th Dec, broadcasted several times between 17th and 21st Dec.


4. LTTA3 participants presented the literature lessons prepared for LTTA3 in 6 project classes and we evaluated the students (about 100 of them) on what influence ICT has on the way in which lessons are conducted.



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The rest of the material prepared (Romeo and Juliet balcony scene and the movie about Jan Kochanowski) shared on Google Drive.


5. We converted one of our PowToon presentations prepared for LTTA3 into Animoto: Link


6. LTTA3 participants organised the lesson about Animoto in 4 classes during which they prepared the Animoto presentation, for example:

PORTUGAL – such a lovely stay to be shown during “English – why not?” competition for local schools in our region organised annually in spring Link 2