Travel Broadens The Mind



There was a talk about Portugal in the eyes of tourists on 18th October 2018, a preparatory meeting preceding the student exchange to Portugal. The students discussed the presentation created by Mrs Monika Feruga, the Geography teacher. It included basic information about Portugal, its topography, politics, traditions, habits and culture. The students found out some information about Portugal, Lisbon and Forte da Casa.


What is more, there was also a talk held on 18th and 25th October 2018 about the ways of dealing with stress and facing a new, unfamiliar situation, another preparatory meeting preceding the student exchange in Portugal. The students chosen to participate in LTTA4 presented their concerns, expectations as well as their attitude towards cultural differences. The meeting was held by the school counsellor, Mr Andrzej Mazurek.


We still continue extra-curriculum English conversation classes to practise our language skills.